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'Some Assembly' Disassembled
A decade before Girl Talk became famous for mashing up rock and hip-hop samples, there was "Some Assembly Required," which also throws in news bites, preacher sermons, kangaroo mating calls -- you name it. For 12 years sonic wizard Jon Nelson has been weirding out (Radio) listeners and scaring many a late-night driver into questioning their sobriety level, but "Assembly" is about to become a thing of the past...

"I think I've said just about all I can say on the subject -- for now, anyway," said Nelson, who also wants to make time for himself as a new dad and a record maker. To mark the finale, he's issuing an appropriately madcap compilation CD titled "50/50," featuring 50 tracks that are 50 seconds long and contain at least 50 percent recycled audio material. Get it at

- CHRIS RIEMENSCHNEIDER (Minneapolis Star Tribune)

50/50 CD
Now Available

Compiled in 2010 by and Some Assembly Required, this New CD release features 50 sound collage miniatures by artists from around the world.

Also available online at iTunes.
More about 50/50 HERE

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